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Being in business for the last 63 years, we at H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. have learned to continually evolve. We strive for the best industry practices and use the latest technology to deliver optimum results. We are one of the few in the business to use the latest equipment like the water-fed pole system that is a proven optimum window cleaning solution for high-rise and commercial buildings. 


The water-fed pole system uses deionized water that is filtered through a rigorous system which enables cleaning the dirtiest windows with less abrasion, at a quicker pace and in an eco-friendly manner.


Benefits of a water-fed pole wash include:

Can reach up to 52 ft. i.e. 5 to 6 stories
Ideal for building that do not have roof anchor systems
Good for recessed windows
Excellent for cleaning window surfaces along with the frames
Safe for the crew, as the job can be performed while standing safely on the ground
Protects customer privacy
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With water-fed pole services, cleaning multi-storied buildings is easier and safer.

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