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The buildup of ice and snowfall on roofs and gutters in the winter can present some serious challenges for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Toronto. H.Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. offers high-performance roof and gutter deicing cables that can melt ice and snow to allow water to flow freely through your drain pipes. We have the perfect solutions to help eliminate water pools and ice dams that can damage the structure of your building. Are you in need of deicing cables in Toronto? Contact us to discuss your requirements with our team of experts and get a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ice dams can quickly damage and destroy the ceiling, roof and roof coverings of your home, commercial or industrial property. Pooled water behind the dam can leak into the structure of your building and cause severe ice or water damage. If left unattended for an extended period, this can result in the need for expensive repairs. We supply high-quality deicing cables and systems that prevent ice dams and water pools on your roofing. They heat and melt away snow or ice that collects around the cable, allowing the melted water to flow freely through your drains. Call us to discuss your deicing cable needs, and we will be happy to suggest a perfect solution for your property in Toronto!


Ice dams can form around your gutters in the winter and damage and ruin your property's walls and drainage systems. Due to repeated freeze-thaw cycles, accumulated snow around your gutters will eventually force its way through your walls, causing leaks that will require extensive home and drain pipe repairs. Regulated deicing cables can help smooth water flow in gutters and prevent ice and water damage. Are you looking for well-functioning and long-lasting deicing cables in Toronto? Contact us today.


Deicing cables melt snow so that water flows into the storm drainage system instead of refreezing in the gutters or on the roof of your property. Regardless of the size and nature of your building, deicing cables offer a range of benefits. They are the most immediate and effective solution to deicing when appropriately installed and are widely used by homeowners because they are: 

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Dependable and easy to maintain
  • SAVE MONEY!!!  Automatic turn on when sensors detect moisture and ambient temperature is below 4 degrees C Automatic turn off when the temperature reaches 7 degrees C   

Our deicing cables will help protect your roofs and gutters. They prevent damage to your building and save you from costly repairs in the future. Contact us to speak with our professionals.


H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. has served Toronto for more than 60 years. Count on us for the following reasons:

  • Our range of services: We can do everything from window cleaning for high-rise or low-rise buildings, eavestrough maintenance, caulking, chandelier cleaning or power washing services to rope access solutions and deicing cables. 
  • Experience: We have offered high-quality and reliable services since the inception of our business in 1960. We have been serving commercial and residential property owners across Toronto. 
  • Our commitment to quality: Customer satisfaction has always been our priority, and we will work to match your expectations and exceed them with long-lasting solutions. 
  • Leading equipment and practices: We use high-end equipment and have a track record of delivering quality quickly and efficiently. Our team is trained in industry standard procedures for all our services and will give you quality service and peace of mind.

Read our testimonials to know what our customers say about our business and our quality of work.

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We can provide the installation of high-quality deicing cable for your commercial and residential buildings.

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