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If you’re noticing water leaking around your window, you should consider replacing your window’s caulking. At H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd., we offer affordable and top-quality caulking repairs in Toronto and the GTA.  Our caulking repairs will help you keep water, moisture, and debris sealed out and keep your structure safe at all times. Reach out to our team to book an appointment.

Window Caulking Services – More Important Than You Think

Well-maintained windows let sunlight in and keep water, cold air and insects out. When your window / door caulking wears down, water and air seeps in, creating havoc to your property besides also heavily impacting the energy bills.


Air drafts - Is there cool air near your window, even though it closed? If so, there may be gaps or cracks in the caulking.

Peeling paint - Is the paint near your window or wall peeling? Peeling paint signals water damage.

Rotting wood - Does the window sill look like it’s rotting? Wood decay indicates water or moisture damage.

Why Choose Us?

H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. provides affordable window caulking services. We can help you get a finished look and seal out leaks and drafts. We offer services for both residential homes and commercial businesses (condos, offices, storefronts etc).  For trustworthy services, call us to get your caulking replaced! Take a look at our testimonials to view what our customers have to say about our service.

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Caulking Repairs in Toronto

We can examine the caulking on your windows and doors and give you an estimate for repair.

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