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We Are Breiter

H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. is a Canadian firm established in the year 1960. We offer window cleaning and maintenance services to residential, commercial and high-rise customers. Our additional services include power washing, eaves cleaning, laundry vent cleaning, vine and branch trimming, window caulking, downpipe cleaning, flood testing, chandelier cleaning, and a host of repair (fascia, soffit, stucco, painting, plaster, crown molding and drywall) services.


A typical work day is rooted in delivering innovative, creative and solution-based services, within the parameters of Regulatory Compliance and under a strict code of conduct. Our mission is, ‘Saving the customers’ time and creating a hassle-free approach’ by offering a bundle of related services.

 We never compromise on quality and you can rely on our team for:

Uniformed, trained and certified personnel
Customized and innovative service delivery
Value pricing and quote offering
Preventative maintenance options
Repairs and home improvement services

Why Choose Us

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Years of Field Experience

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Happy and Loyal Customers

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Skilled and Trained Professionals

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24/7 Service

Our office is open Monday to Friday – 9am to 8pm and we are always willing to schedule services to your convenience. CONTACT US to book a service for you.

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We are committed to deliver innovative, creative and solution-based services within the parameters of Regulatory Compliance and under a strict code of conduct, thus delivering a professional service that is strongly rooted in trust and thrives on ethical service.

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We have continually evolved and use latest technology and best industry practices in all our cleaning service offerings. Our products are environment friendly thus contributing to a sustainable future.

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