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Is the exterior of your home or office property in need of maintenance? Don’t leave it to just any company; H. Breiter Window Cleaning Ltd. has 62 years of experience and provides the most effective and efficient solution for your home maintenance needs.


Our services include fixing home exteriors, downpipes and providing flood testing services.


When it comes to choosing a renovator to transform your home, quality and trust should never be compromised, working with a professional is an absolute must. For the past 62 years our aim has been customer satisfaction; you can rely on us for your next home or office maintenance and repair. 


Our trained and highly professional crew is always ready to get your work done on time and within budget.


Our home maintenance services include:

Eavestrough and leaf guard repairs or replacements
Downpipe augering, repair and re-routing services
Fascia and soffit repairs or replacements
Stucco repairs
Painting and plaster work
Crown molding
Flood testing services
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Home maintenance can get so much easier with a professional crew like ours.

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